Bora Bora a Top Holiday Vacation

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Bora Bora is only the most stunning island in the South Pacific. The three main villages on this sparsely populated island are Vaitape, Anau and Faanui.
Fantastic snorkeling opportunities in the sprawling clean lagoon and around the barrier reef. The Bora Bora Lagoon is an attraction on it’s own. With stunning blue green water, clean white sand beaches and colorful coral. Perfect conditions for snorkeling include warm water, coral reefs and a tremendous variety of fish and sea life.
A recommended activity is to take a guided snorkeling tour. For the more adventurous traveler a must do when visiting Bora Bora is a swim with the black tip sharks or sting rays.
You can still enjoy the beauty of Bora Bora underwater sea life by taking a tour on a glass bottom boat. Often your guide will feed the fish attracting an array of colorful fish close up to the glass bottom of the boat. Excellent photo opportunities through the cleat glass and often your guide will identify the different species for you.
While the glass bottom boats have over head cover it is still recommended to wear sun periodontal like sunscreen. The suns burning rays get reflected off the water surface and I have been on many tours where passengers have been badly burnt.
Don’t get misled into believing that Bora Bora is only about the water and sea life. The island’s highest point is Mount Otemanu. An impressive sight as the old volcano mountain towers 2400 feet above the crystal clear waters of Bora Bora.

Stop in to Bloody Mary’s for a drink. This renound pub has almost become a must do in Bora Bora. With a beach decor, a sand floor, it has a great atmosphere. Spend a few minutes browsing through the famous names on the board of post patrons to Bloody Mary’s.
One of the best ways to truthfully appreciate the tropical setting is to take a 4wd tour on Bora Bora. Usually your tour will take you to some of the best vantage points to view this incredible island. See the locals in their villages and learn about the pearl farm industry.
Take the opportunity to get involved in an aqua helmet dive. Not a fine at all but a pleasant walk under the water to observe the marine life up close. Often snorkelers have difficulty seeing the fish as they are unable to wear their collective glasses. Well here is the answer. An aqua helmet is pumped with fresh air and your face and head never get wet. You are then able to wear your glasses and regularly enjoy the adventure that awaits at the bottom of the sea bed.
A jet boat ride is always a fun and exciting thing to do. While visiting Bora Bora you have the perfect opportunity to take a jet boat ride some go completely around the island.

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