Rock Springs Wyoming

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Rock Springs Wyoming
Rock Springs growth was originally from the coal mining industry. Coal was used to power the Union Pacific Railway. Diesel took over in the mid 1900’s and many from the coal mining industry left the city. Today Rock Springs has a thriving oil and gas industry. There is also trona mining. What is a trona mine? A trona mine is a mine which is a bit like an underground city. A series of rooms are connected with channels. They’re are roads, washrooms, maintenance stations and electricity lines.
Rock Springs Historical Museum
Now situated in the old City Hall the Rock Springs Historical Museum is open everyday with the exception of Sundays. Entrance is free to explore some old artifacts from Rock Springs Wyoming.
Rock Springs WY gives you the opportunity to have a glimpse at an ancient era of Southwest Wyoming. Learn about the earliest human inhabitants that lived here. See replicas of dinosaurs, fossils, stones and pottery.
About 26 miles from Rock Springs you will find The White Mountain Petroglyphs. Dating back to as far as a 1000 years ago marvel at the etchings in the stone.
From Rock Springs you can drive the Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop. You are not guaranteed to see wild horses but it is still a lovely scenic route. The drive is approximately 25 miles long.

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