Shaker Villages New Hampshire

A visit to a Shaker Village is like a step back in time.   See original and restored buildings just like they were back in the 18th century.

Take the opportunity to visit either the Canterbury Shaker Village or the Enfield Shaker Villager. Built a year apart from each other they are both excellent displays of this religious sect.

The largest Shaker dwelling ever built is at the Enfield Shaker Village. A massive 6 story dormitory built in 1837  in granite.… Read the rest

The Dalles Oregan
The Dalles is on the banks of the Columbia River less than 85 miles east of Portland Oregan. A charming town and very popular tourist spot for both Oregan folks and beyond. Known as the cherry capital of the world it also produces some award winning wines.
The Dalles location on the Columbia River and in the shadow of Mount Hood along with over 300 days of sunshine makes it very obvious why people visit here. It serves as the eastern gateway to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.… Read the rest

No trip to Washington DC is complete without a visit to the White House. If you are lucky enough to get an inside tour that would be first prize. I think you would have to book ahead up to the month’s in advance. We were not so lucky but still enjoyed the view from the outside.

Make sure you pop into the White House visitors centre. There you can watch a video of the white house and it is narrated by past president’s and their wives and families.… Read the rest

Union Station in Washington DC is a tourist destination on its own. Plenty of food outlets, shopping and off course the metro and trains.
In the photo above you can see a row of soldier statues. When these were first erected shortly after the building was built they never had shields as you can see today. Well the complaints came in fast and furious and the statues were taken down and returned a few years later with shields.

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The Frederick Community Bridge is painted in a style which fools the eye. It creates the illusion of being 3 dimensional. The bricks, stones and images are completely flat. The style of art is called Trompe l’oeil.
The Community Bridge mural was completed in 1998.

The Edge Of Gravity Mural
On your way down S Market Street you will come across a fascinating piece of art. You may have to wait in line to pose with this floating mural. It has become a sought after selfie spot and Instagram photo.
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The Villa Zorayda was the brainchild of millionaire Franklin W Smith. After a visit to Granada in Spain he wanted to bring this type of architecture to St Augustine. You will notice that no two windows in the building are the same. This was supposedly created to confuse the evil spirits.

Villa Zorayda St Augustine

It was the first ped concrete structure in the nation dating back to 1883.

Today you can take a self guided tour in the building. You will see an impressive collection of Spanish and Moorish items.… Read the rest

The Lightner Museum St Augustine

The Lightner Museum was originally Henry Flagler’s second hotel the Alcazar. It was bought by Otto C Lightner in 1948. Otto Lightner was a collector of collectors collections. He amassed an amazing collection of art, glass works, furniture and much much more. There are three floors of these collections to browse through.

The building also currently houses the St Augustine City Hall.… Read the rest

The Flagler College we see today was in fact the Ponce de Leon Hotel built by Henry Flagler. An outstanding building with all the modern essentials at the time like running water and electricity. In fact the hotel had electricity before the White House. Henry Flagler actually got Thomas Edison to bring electricity to the hotel. Funny thing was that he had to employ staff to switch the lights on and off for his guests who were afraid on getting electrocuted.… Read the rest

  • a must attraction when in Chattanooga is to take a ride on the incline railway. this is the steepest passenger Railway in the world it’s a mile-high exhilarating ride. At the top you will arrive at Lookout Point where you have two observation decks, a shop and restaurant.

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Branson Missouri for an exciting bass fishing adventure. Within a very short distance you can be enjoying over 100 000 acres of forests, wilderness, conservation and park areas.
Branson is a popular tourist destination for active people. Amongst the numerous outdoor activities is hiking, canoeing, biking, horse riding and fishing for bass and trout.
The Mark Twain National Park offers fantastic outdoor recreational activities near the town’s of Kimberling City and Forsyth.
Branson is the fastest growing golf destination in the United States.… Read the rest

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Guided Tour of Arches National Park and Its Famous Arches
Moab Utah Guided Tour of Arches National Park and Its Famous Arches. The story of these arches is not as simple as erosion by wind and water – it is a lot more fascinating! Join us as we explore this story going back 1.5 billion years ago. We will showcase the fascinating geology of Arches in a way that’s accessible and fun! We will also discuss the delicate botany of the desert and the human history of Moab. Join us in on this fascinating tour and be one of a handful of visitors who truly understand how these arches formed, as well as what makes Arches and Canyonlands so spectacular and yet so different!.… Read the rest

Whitewater Rafting in Moab Utah
Grand County UT Whitewater Rafting in Moab Utah. Our guided trips are in 6-person paddle rafts making for big fun. The section of Colorado River is a beautiful section of class II river. This all-inclusive tour is has beautiful scenery and towering red rock walls. Not to mention great guides..

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