Unusedrooms is all about travel. You can find accommodation, tours and sightseeing around the world.

You can browse and feel safe that none of your information is collected or saved by Unusedrooms.

When you have found what you like you will be directed through to the official supplier. There your bookings will be made on their safe and secure websites.

Vacation Rentals

Holiday rentals are easy to find and you get to choose from different stockists throughout the website. When we find a hotel or resort we feature it for you.

Tours and Things To Do

Travel has been our hobby and past time and I am sure you would like it to be yours also.

We have thrown in interesting tours and sightseeing you may what to review.


The obvious and next question is how does unusedrooms make money. We have collaborated with most of the large accommodation and tour wholesalers who pay us a commission for sales as a result of our site.