Again this year ice-skating enthusiasts can practice their favorite sport in the city, thanks to the structure specifically built in the area outside the Sports Center in Via Alberici, close to the historical center.

It is an area made up of a large ice rink for adults along with a baby slope, where children can play safely.

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Christmas in Cervia is always full of events: the traditional ice-skating rink, exhibitions and workshops at Musa – The Salt Museum, concerts, markets, folk traditions, and art exhibitions.

The big, renovated ice skating rink in the heart of Piazza Garibaldi is under a big Christmas tree.

The Christmas village will be enlivened by little houses selling food and crafts, as well as workshops and shows.

A lifesize floating salt nativity scene will be set up in the Magazzini del Sale area.

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The Garden City welcomes guests with large light structures and the ice rink around the Rotonda 1° Maggio

Elegant decorations and monumental luminous structures for the new festival of glamor lights of Romagna. The largest round ice skating rink in Europe and many other surprises for young people and families.

A very large skating rink will be set up around the Rotonda 1° Maggio. It is the biggest round skating rink in Europe: about 1000 sqm of ice with a full programme of shows and entertainment.

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New edition of the display organised by the local Pro Loco and held in the Monumental Square. In the Podestà Palace, exhibition of nativities coming from different parts of the world, with settings created by Massimo Lorini.

Some Nativity Scenes belong to the private collection of Prof. Lorini and his wife, others have been sent from very far away to show as many representations of the nativity as possible. The delicate skill of craftsmen, better, artists, from many different countries is a homage to the birth of Christ, a practical translation of the poetry of Christmas.

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New Year’s Eve will be cheered by the singer-songwriter Daniele Silvestri in concert, who will be accompanied onstage by: Piero Monterisi drums, Gianluca Misiti and Duilio Galioto keyboards, Gabriele Lazzarotti bass, Sebastiano De Gennaro percussions and vibraphone, Daniele Fiaschi guitars and Marco Santoro bassoon, trumpet and choruses.

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The burning of Befanas at the stake lights up the countryside around San Matteo della Decima (10 kilometres from San Giovanni in Persiceto) at sunset.

About 10-meter high straw puppets representing the “Vècia” (Befana in Bologna dialect) burn around the town in front of a crowd crying “A brùsa la Vècia” (Burn the Befana)!

According to tradition, children dressed-up as “fcén” (old men) used to go from house to house to offer gifts and recite “zirudelle” (rhyming poems in Bologna dialect) in exchange for a small culinary consideration.

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Music, markets and entertainment in the city centre, waiting for the magical atmosphere of Christmas Eve.

Christmas time in Comacchio will be full of events and activities: guided tours of the museums and around the centre, music, excursion to the Oases of the Po Delta Park, and much more.

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Specialized fair dedicated to children, aged three and over.

Children can wander around in a fairytale world with inflatables of every kind with every type of slide such as Toboggan, Pagliaccio, Saltarin Palme, Spiderman, Run Slide and Grillo.

Another area will be dedicated to learning games: wooden toys, board and creative games; please also do not miss the petting zoo with animals that help children learn while having fun.

For very small children there will be a Soft Play area with a mini slide, plastic houses and various games, including an inflatable obstacle course.

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During the winter festivities, many events for kids and adults will be organized in the city centre: markets, shows, themed exhibitions, and special performances, in a joyful atmosphere.

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During the Christmas period Gatteo has organized a series of events dedicated to children and adults, too.

Children can enjoy comic entertainment, puppet shows and workshops to create Christmas decorations. Even adults will have events dedicated to them: classical music concerts, a walk around the town discovering nativities and the party for the occasion of the lighting of the Christmas tree and the great party of January 1st.

So there will be fun for everyone!

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At Christmas time, the boats of the floating section of the Maritime Museum, in the splendid setting of the Leonardo Canal Port, become the stage of the Marine Nativy Scene. The nativity scene was created in 1986 and is the work of the artists Tinin Mantegazza, Maurizio Bertoni and Mino Savadori, from an original idea of Guerrino Gardini.

The first statue sculpted was S. Giacomo, patron saint of Cesenatico, after that many others have joined over the years. These are not only traditional statues but characters inspired by the lives of ordinary people in a fishing village: fishermen, carpenters, puppeteers, fishmongers, a woman with the piadina (flat bread), children and musicians.

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During the Christmas season, the neo-mediaeval village of Grazzano Visconti is transformed; Christmas decorations give the village a special atmosphere.

On weekends and holidays from mid November, December and early January you will be able to stroll along the streets with over 60 market stalls of artistic and craft products as well as look in the shops, where you will find objects in wrought iron, perfumes, soap, sweets, honey, unusual decorations and plenty of gift ideas.

The full programme of events for the holidays in December and up until 6 January includes some special moments besides the Christmas Markets themselves: such as Santa’s home, complete with a post office and toy room, and the Christmas Circus.

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Christmas is coming and also its traditions. In Piazza Saffi, to the delight of young and old, like every year, the Christmas market where fans can find sweet, crunchy and sugary treats for their sweet tooth, tree decorations, nativity scenes, and many gift ideas is back.

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Rimini, with over a month of celebrations, boasts the longest New Year’s celebration in the world, the only Italian billboard that is not just a night’s party, but it’s much more: a kaleidoscope of music, art, shows, DJs sets and concerts that, from December to Epiphany, transform the city and its cultural sites into an open-air stage, culminating with the party on December 31st.

It will be the unmistakable voice of Filippo Neviani, known as Nek, with his 25 years of successes, 19 platinum records and 10 million records sold worldwide, the protagonist of the live concert on December 31st in Piazzale Fellini.

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