Yosemite National Park Shuttle

It is no secret that the National Park gets very busy. To alleviate our at least to try cut down on the long line of vehicles wandering around the park Shuttles have being provided to transport you around.

These shuttles may be picked up at any of the numbered parking spots around the loop in the park. It is a fantastic way to see the most popular spots in the park. Without having to join the queue of vehicles looking for a place to park.
Having said that we tried a slightly different approach. We arrived early but car and drove around to a couple of points of interest which we had pre chosen. Then we planned to park the car and catch the Yosemite Shuttles to see even more. The problem was that by lunch time the park had filled up with visitors and some of the roads were closed off. Parking was beyond impossible and we traveled at a snail’s pace. We were passing great walks and viewing areas because we could not find a place to park the car. We were envious of the tour bus passengers who have a dedicated road lane and parking spots. We eventually found a picnic site under the El Capitan range.
We were lucky we had a few days to revisit the Yosemite National Park and complete this magnificent trip.
So maybe a tour bus into the park is not a bad idea if you plan to make this just a day trip. Or combination of car and shuttle buses eventually worked out fine. We saw sites and waterfalls that the photos we had seen before could not portray their beauty.

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