The Flagler College we see today was in fact the Ponce de Leon Hotel built by Henry Flagler. An outstanding building with all the modern essentials at the time like running water and electricity. In fact the hotel had electricity before the White House. Henry Flagler actually got Thomas Edison to bring electricity to the hotel. Funny thing was that he had to employ staff to switch the lights on and off for his guests who were afraid on getting electrocuted.

So elaborate was the hotel he got Louis Tiffany to do the decorating. You can see the world’s largest collection of Louis Tiffany glass on your visit to the Flagler College. The glass in what is today’s college dining room is said to be worth over $40 million dollars.

Henry Flagner wanted St Augustine to be the playground for the rich and famous. He made the mistake of building the new hotel near the local jail. Anyway he got the jail moved tho North town and rebuilt. He did however insist that out did not look like a jail from the front and putt off his new guests arriving by train

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