San Simeon Elephant Seals

Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery is located just 7 miles north of San Simeon California. Friends of the Elephant Seal docents are around on the boardwalk to offer valuable information.

Elephant Seal Information.
are the largest seals in the northern hemisphere. They can reach weights up to 5000 lbs (2700 kgs). The adult males span up to 16 feet (4.8 metres).
Elephant seals are the deepest drivers of all the seals. Typically they can drive to a depth of 3000 feet (1000 metres) but some have been recorded at depths over 5700 feet (1.7 kms).

From the boardwalk you can observe thousands of elephant seals basking in the sunshine on the beach. This is just a few of the 25 000 Piedras Blancas Rookery population.

Safety when watching the Elephant Seals.
You must appreciate that these are wild animals. The may act unpredictably and can certainly be dangerous.
Keep you distance and stay on the walkways provided. Do not go down to the beach or sand
Seals are protected by federal law. Call a guide if you witness anybody harassing the mammals.

Support Friends of the Elephant Seals.
Visit their website and make a tax deductible donation. They are grateful for any donation and promise to use it carefully.

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