San Diego Sea Lions and Seals

For a close up experience of the seals and sea lions in take a stroll down to the La Jolla’s Children’s Pool.
This may sound strange to be viewing wild animals in a children’s swimming pool. What actually happened is the children’s recreational pool was build in the 1930’s. It was later taken over by the seals and sea lions. There has been a lot talk to have them removed with one reason being the pollution in the swimming waters around the area. But the animal advocates have held tight with their view that they should stay. So at the time of this writing the animals remain where they are.
You get a very close up view of the seals and sea lions from a concrete platform around the pool. I will warm you that the smell is not very pleasant. It obviously does not put off the tourists as they flock there in the thousands for this unbelievable experience.

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