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Sedona AZ
Salt Lake City Utah Sedona AZ. Sedona Is One of America’s Favorite Vacation Destinations Sedona, Arizona is breathtaking in every respect. A place where souls rejuvenate. The USA Weekend Annual Report considers Sedona “One if the 10 Most Beautiful Places in America”. Located about 150 miles north of the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Sedona AZ sets at about a 5,000 feet of elevation where temperatures average about 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the Valley of the Sun. It’s really a four-season vacation paradise. Its landscape is uniquely different than any other place in the world..

Salt Lake City Multi-day Tours Availability

Sedona AZ availability

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Product Code: 50420P3
Duration: 2 days
Commences: Salt Lake City, United States
Visit Salt Lake City Utah United States
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Salt Lake City Multi-day Tours Availability

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