Mauna Key Beach Hawaii

Do really enjoy the exotic beauty of Hawaii we reccomend a trip to Mauna Key Beach.
Here you will experience lovely white beaches and crystal clear waters. A perfect spot for the family to sun bathe, swim and snorkel.
You may choose to stay at the Mauna Key Beach Hotel which overlooks this splendid beach. At night the hotel lights up the water with floodlights which attracts manta rays.
If you are just on a day trip the hotel offers food and drinks for sale.

The Mauna Key Hotel has umbrellas, paddle boards and a beach bar and restaurant. The beach is maybe one of the better beaches with shade under the trees.  The hotel is handy to get a drink.

The beach is usually not crowded mostly due to the lack of parking. I can’t state enough that it is important to get there early.

There is a nice trail from Hapuna Beach Hotel to the Mauna Beach Hotel. On the way you may be lucky to see turtles, dolphins or maybe even whales.

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