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SSI Navigation
Hurghada Red Sea and Sinai SSI Navigation. You are asking yourself: “How does my instructor manage to find the way back to the exit point or to the boat?”. Navigation is your answer!
The SSI Navigation Program will teach you to navigate with a compass and how to apply natural navigation skills. You will also learn to estimate distances, navigate different search patterns, find your way to different marking points, and be able to get back to the exit point at any time. Instructors use tricks and techniques of navigation to find an ideal exit point at the end of a dive without the need for an uncomfortable surface swim.
This course is designed to give students a greater understanding and experience on how to properly navigate underwater using both natural and compass navigation.
Keywords are learning to ‘read’ aquatic environment, natural navigation, compass use, predive checks and pattern performances..


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Product Code: 108808P38
Duration: 1 day
Commences: Hurghada, Egypt
Location: Hurghada Red Sea and Sinai Egypt
Category: Other Water Sports

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